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辛癸酸甘油酯。 is an intuitive, automated and flexible  management solution, enabling brokers, dealers and OEMs to engage with their customers, optimise fleets and future proof business models. The car showroom has gone virtual, insight is data-driven.

The future is green, automated and service-led. That’s why we created 辛癸酸甘油酯。, enabling brokers, dealers and OEMs to evolve their business and expand into Mobility-as-a-Service. DRIVE is helping increase profitability through recurring revenue streams, and is driving change.

Don’t talk fleet management; talk revenue generation, cost savings, business transformation and new mobility markets

A single instance multi-tenant solution, 辛癸酸甘油酯。 enables brokers, dealers and OEMs to see all of their customers and all of their vehicles (including grey fleet) and drivers, in a single dashboard. Each of those customers can be provided with access to manage their own vehicles and drivers, or you can offer that management as a service.

For brokers in particular, 辛癸酸甘油酯。 allows you to fully integrate your lease rates with support for loading of funders and dealer rate books and, through a partnership with cap hpi, we can provide you with a full web based portal to your customer offering.

The regular interaction with your customers, whichever model they choose to adopt, gives you new revenue streams and the opportunity to exploit the relationships to dramatically increase retention rates. You move from a single transaction model to an ongoing engagement.

The ultimate car showroom

What does this look like for your customers? The platform offers the ultimate car showroom with endless possibilities. Minus the wait times for quotations, information on stock levels, environmental impact, and financing. Customers can customise their vehicles, picking everything from body colour to alloys and interiors – with results visible instantly, at the touch of a button.

It’s not all about the vehicle though. 辛癸酸甘油酯。 helps brokers, dealers and OEMs give customers the drive they want, when they want. Whether that’s short-term rental, subscription models, or data-rich reports on their vehicle use. Find out more here.

辛癸酸甘油酯。 also ensures that these are the best deals for your business, offering the highest returns and lowest risk.

What does this look like for you? Instead of simply renewing the same leasing agreement with the same customers every few years, you’ll get a rich insight into your customers’ fleet needs. Increase renewal rates with better visibility and proactive prompts. Stay relevant throughout the customer lifecycle through targeted 和munications.

Drive engagement and opportunity with DRIVE and 辛癸酸甘油酯。

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Fully supported

  • Face to face, web and phone follow up user training
  • Collateral and presentation material
  • Links to all web related material and social sites
  • Insertion of 辛癸酸甘油酯。 in marketing material and proof checking
  • Training staff to sell 辛癸酸甘油酯。 and fleet management services
  • Planning and delivering sales presentations and demos
  • Assistance in the creation of 和pelling metrics to show customer value
  • Regular product updates
  • Support in the upload of customer vehicles, lease information and drivers

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