Founded in 2001 and now firmly in the top 30 of the Leasing Broker Federation’s rankings, Concept Vehicle Leasing provides vehicle leasing and management to a client-base of corporate fleets, small businesses and private individuals via what it describes as a bespoke approach, backed by exceptional customer service and expert advice.

Concept Vehicle leasing, which works with manufacturers and blue-chip finance companies including Arval and Alphabet, was founded by its Managing Director Paul Bulloch.

Referring to Concept’s unique approach to doing business, Paul comments,

“Initially we started on the finance and leasing side, and now we have created a company that is more geared around fleet management and looking after the nitty-gritty of running a fleet, but specifically for small fleets. We’ve always listened to customer feedback and adapted our service to fit the requirements.”

“We don’t make any secret about the fact that it is ODO that gives our client offer credibility and that there is a powerful system behind the product that should give customers confidence.”

Paul Bulloch

Managing Director


Concept customers tend to be in the 1 to 50 vehicles range, they don’t need a fleet manager, it tends to be an administrator, an HR manager or a finance director running those vehicles and it’s not their core role, it’s more of a headache, and that’s where Concept add value. They can be their outsourced fleet department, looking after client drivers, controlling maintenance bookings, picking up issues, downtime, accidents, breakdowns and duty of care.


Prior to ODO, Concept built their CRM system for managing contracts using ACT with various plug-ins. The difficulty was multiple systems that they had to use. Concept looked to replace ACT in terms of contract management and activities like MOT due dates, service history and managing mileage.


Concept went live at the beginning of July 2018 after implementation and on-boarding. We worked with Concept over a number of weeks to identify what they needed within ODO, simple things like fields of data so they could populate it with the information they had. Processes like reporting and data exports were also important for the transition to work.

“When we got the functional specification back from ODO, it was on the money, and there were no amendments needed.”
Paul Bulloch, Concept Managing Director


Dealing with the administration of over 900 vehicles and a myriad of service contracts for hundreds of different customers is all about having the right people in the business and crucially the right systems in place. 辛癸酸甘油酯的概念.

ODO has already paid dividends

The decision to move the Concept Vehicle Leasing business onto the ODO platform which took place in 2018 has already paid dividends with Paul Bulloch saying, “We have picked up new fleet management customers on the back of ODO. One example is a 30 vehicle fleet where with ODO we can provide a fleet management service and give customers an online cloud portal where they can see all of their fleet in one place. We give them visibility of things like servicing, driver management and maintenance. I suppose ODO gives us the confidence that we have got the tools that we need to deliver that service without having to have a big team of people to do it. We have got the system and the process that works.”

Referring to how ODO has helped open more fleet management doors for Concept Vehicle leasing, Paul goes on to say, “Licence checking is an essential part of it, and that is now automated in ODO. Licence checking is a good thing to talk to customers about because quite often they are not doing it, or if they are, they are not doing it very well. For example, they might have a new person starting in the business and on day one they take a photocopy of their licence, and it’s not rechecked for another 3 or 5 years. It varies, and some customers are better at it than others, but to automate it for them takes away that pain. Another handy tool is P11D reporting, for customers with multiple suppliers, having everything in one place makes that a lot easier.”

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