Rental providers must adapt to the changing market conditions

ODO accelerates your transformation, increases customer value and delivers growth in recurring revenues

Your road to increasing revenues

ODO provides rental companies with the capabilities to enhance their customer offering, increase recurring revenues and strengthen renewal rates. An intuitive, automated and flexible fleet management solution, specifically designed for rental companies, dealers and brokers.

ODO enables you to engage with your customers and drivers, optimise your fleet and future proof your business model. We help you to help your customers manage a greener, more sustainable operation

We know rental is important to you; so let’s talk increased revenue generation, cost savings, business transformation and new customer offerings

A single instance multi-tenant solution, ODO enables rental companies, brokers and dealers to see all of their customers and all of their vehicles (including grey fleet) and drivers, in a single dashboard. Each of those customers can be provided with access to manage their own vehicles and drivers, or you can offer that management as a service.

The ODO app enables drivers to access your support services more efficiently and includes vehicle inspections so you can keep on top of the condition and value of your fleet.

The regular interaction with your customers and the visibility of their entire fleet, gives you new revenue streams and the opportunity to develop the relationships to dramatically increase retention rates. You move from a transactional model to an ongoing relational model.

  • Scale revenue and market share growth through expansion into digitised fleet management

  • Optimise management of availability and utilisation through fleet visibility and functionality
  • Enable seamless end-to-end experience from you to your client to their driver

  • Consolidate visibility of a diverse fleet which includes part owned, part leased, part rental and grey fleet
  • Empower drivers to self-serve via App for SMR, accidents, vehicle inspections and fitness to drive
  • Optimise your inventory and grow average value of customers
  • Future proof fleet as customers demand greener fleets and new mobility models

The ultimate fleet management solution for rental providers

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